Cooking with the Keesters, Season 2

Here is first episode to the long-awaited for season 2 of 'Cooking with the Keesters.'  

Backstory: long ago, before we had children or a bustling videography business, Jared and I made cooking videos.  Jared's students inevitably find these videos, and one of them suggested an update.  We thought this would be a good time, seeing as Jude is interested in cooking and got a cookbook for Christmas.  This was the recipe he chose.  Pretty good, especially if you like your icing with just a hint of mucus.  

We built a garden.

What do you do when you want a garden, but have critters everywhere?  This is our solution and so far, no critters have quite figured out what treasures lie inside.  Big thanks to my husband for not laughing at my idea, and taking my (detailed, maybe too detailed) sketches and turning them in to a reality.  Next year I plan to expand the garden and use electric wire to surround it, but keep treasures like tomatoes and melons in this raised garden.  All supplies purchased at Home Depot. 

Oklahoma Adventure- No. 4 Red Brick Nights

We lurve Guthrie.  Just a quick 15 minute drive from our house and a totally different world.  On the first Saturday of the month (through October?) they shut down downtown Guthrie for Red Brick Nights.  There are food trucks and bands and families.  Soooooo fun!  We happened to go on the 3rd of July, so there were also FIREWORKS.  The next day we went over to friend's houses to swim.   And I threw in a pic of Harvey with his awesome swim instructor, Tiffany Rains

All images shot on Walmart's finest Fuji Superia film with my handy dandy Canon Sure Shot A1.  A great waterproof point and shoot for when I want to relax and not think about apertures.