Who We Are:

Jared and Lauren Keester are a husband and wife videography team with over seven years experience. Our number one regret from our own wedding was not investing in a videographer. It is difficult to remember now what my best man said, how my wife's father sounded, and how the day felt. I have hundreds of photos to show what the day looked like...but the feeling is something that is now only a memory.

This is why we started our company. We want you to not only see one of the most important days in your life, but feel it too. As you watch our films, we hope you will see the pride we take in capturing the magic of such a special day. 

And, we are a family.  We have two little boys, and we run our business in a way to make our parents and our children proud.  We purposely limit our weddings to a manageable number and attempt to form one-on-one relationships with our clients.


What We Do:

  • We love capturing the most important days of your life, and most of our work is spent filming weddings and births, with a few birthdays, sports events, etc. sprinkled in.
  • We offer a clean, modern, and yet artistic, product. Our films will look current for years to come. 
  • Discrete filming of your event–we will not get in the way and hope it seems we were not even there!
  • We film all events in the highest quality HD.
  • We dress professionally and have a smile on our face… After all, we LOVE weddings!
  • We can burn to Blu-Ray–so your video is clean and crisp, just like a hollywood movie!
  • We keep our prices low and competitive by cutting out unnecessary overhead.