The number one question we get is about music.  And the number one issue is copyright.  We cannot post your video on our website unless we obtain a copyright release from the writer/artist.  The cost of obtaining this copyright is included in our services.  

Weddings: Jared and I love to choose the music for you.  We spend a LOT of time looking for music that perfectly captures how your wedding day felt, as well as capturing your personality as a couple. HOWEVER, if you want to choose the music yourself, we are perfectly fine with that.  When you have songs you wish to select yourself, chances are we are not going to be able to obtain the copyright.  This will limit your ability to share your video, and, instead, will limit it to your personal use. (i.e., your video will be uploaded to for password-protected private use). Please do not hesitate to call or email us if you have further questions.  Also, we can provide you a link to the music we are able to license.