Oklahoma Adventure- No.6 Lake Murray State Park & Lodge

Our Oklahoma adventures continue!  But, due to the fact we spent so much time, effort, and money renovating our new home, our adventures this summer have been sparse.  We did, however, decide to take a week off--no emails, no edits--to spend time with the kids (while they still like us).  We did a three-day, two-night, road trip, and we started at the newly renovated Lake Murray State Lodge.  It is owned an operated by the State of Oklahoma.

This place is beautiful!!!!!  They are still working out some kinks---i.e., they put us and some other guests in the same room.  So, while the kids were resting (naked) in the room, some older ladies walked in to (what we thought was) our room.  Then for the next hour, we got to pack all our stuff back up and move rooms... staff seemed annoyed and not apologetic.  But, then again, these are employees of the state, and we were not at the Ritz.

On the other hand, the rooms are BIG, and they all have a balcony with a beautiful view of Lake Murray.  I have to admit, for the most part, I am not a lake person.  But Lake Murray is absolutely, stunningly beautiful.  It has to do with the fact that the lake itself is a state park, so people do not live on it.  That means less runoff and less pollution.  The water was crystal clear and so refreshing.

The Lodges' rooms cost $109 per night.  A steal for the beauty and comfort of the room.  There is also, what is supposed to be, a very yummy restaurant there at the lodge--no need to leave for dinner.  But it is only a 12-minute drive into ardmore for some El Tapatio! MMMMMMmmmmmm.  Go there.  Get a marg.  But, be warned, it will be a strong marg.

Other things to do here:  Jet Ski Rental--by far the most expensive activity we did, but also the one the kids thought was the most amazing. This place is only a short walk from the lodge.  They also have minigolf and a water trampoline thing.  

We also did a short hike to the Tucker Tower, which is very cool.  (But when we return, we will go when it is not the hottest week of the year).  There is also a very nice beach area, where we swam while we waited for our room to be ready.  All-in-all, we had a great time, and we already scheduled our return visit.  

Below are the pics from this part of the trip.  Not edited.  Aint nobody got time for that.  Some are DSLR, some are film, and some are iphone. After we left the lodge, we made the hour trip to Durant, where the second half of our road trip takes place. (PART 2 HERE).

Adventure Oklahoma- No. 3 State Capitol

This one is free!  And, honestly, July turns out to be a great time to go.  The building is almost empty.  We went for a breakfast at Kitchen 324 and then headed over to the capitol for some nice, free air conditioning.  And LOTS of stair climbing!!!  The kids LOVED the stairs.  I was surprised how much the kids like exploring around the state capitol building.  There are guided tours, but we just kicked around on our own.  Shot on an iPhone (because my film camera can't go through the x-ray thing they send your bag through).  

Adventure Oklahoma- No. 2... ENID

Our weekly Oklahoma adventures led us to Enid this week to check out Leonardo's Children's Museum.  It opens at 10 pm and has an outdoor and indoor play area.  It was $8 a person.  Honestly, it is the outdoor part worth the $8 per person.  It was awesome!  The inside was okay, but we are spoiled by the Oklahoma Science Museum, which is sooooooo good and so huge.  

We then went to Vance Air Force Base to let the kiddos see the planes take off and climb on the planes outside the base.  Harvey was not impressed.  Jude loved it.  Go figure.

We also visited an antique shop where we gave the kiddos a $5 bill and told them they had to work together to pick out a new toy.  #teachingmoment They loved it.  They worked together for the most part and we worked on counting, addition, and talking to adults (they handed the money to the cashier themselves).  

Then to top it off, we stopped by The Bike Shop, which was super cool!  They were so nice and had an awesome selection with great prices.  We will be back.   Then a quick stop at sonic for a snack for the ride home.  Awesome day.  We heart Enid. 

Once again we took our film cameras.  However, this time, I foolishly thought I could save some $$$ and scan the negatives myself.  Sorry for the major quality difference from the last Adventure Oklahoma post.  Anyway, next time I will let the experts at Bedford handle the scanning.  Until then, here is a mash up of jared's contaflex, my canon elan iie, and an iphone.  You will have no trouble deciphering the iphone photos.