Harvey First Year

Oh my darling son, it has already been a year and it seems to have passed in a blink. Einstein theorized that time is relative and I have found he is correct. The happiest moments I have had this past year have been seeing you grow and learn; those are the moments that pass all too quickly. Watching you learn to smile, to crawl, to laugh, and to fend off your big brother has been the greatest joy of my life. It's these happy times that seem to past with the greatest brevity. A day will come when you won't fit so snug in my arms, you won't want to sleep on my chest, and you'll no longer wish for one more story. This is your first year of life and I got many firsts with you. The first time I saw you smile, heard you laugh, watched you roll over. But I know that there are lasts that are coming too.

There will be a last bottle I give you, a last baby food container to open, a last time you fall asleep on me. The firsts are generally what we remember, but it is the last one that sneaks up on you. It is this that I try to soak in everything you and your brother do, for a I know a last cannot be far away.

My beautiful boy, a large part of me wishes I could keep you this small, but I know you must continue to grow and learn. Here's to many more years of you my son.